AutoSock Snow Socks for Forklifts
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AutoSock for Forklift Trucks

Most fork lifts have smooth tyres and rapidly lose traction when used on snow. They are so vital to daily operations, and so difficult to move if they get stuck (“Been there, done that!”) that we are delighted that AutoSock have now added fork lifts to their range.

If a pair of AutoSock is pulled over the driving wheels then a fork lift will have enough grip to get moving again, and to keep moving safely.

AutoSock for Forklifts: Sizes

AutoSock is available for a range of forklift tyre sizes..

Tyre Size: Code:
12-16.5 ASAF32
16x6.00-8 ASAF12
180/70-8 ASAF12
18x7.00-8 ASAF12
200/50-10 ASAF12
200/75-9 ASAF16
21x7.00-15 ASAF16
21x8.00-15 ASAF16
21x8.00-9 ASAF16
22/10-10 ASAF18
22x8.00-16 ASAF16
23/10-12 ASAF18
23x8.50-12 ASAF18
23x9.00-10 ASAF18
24x8.5-12 AS600
250/15-7.00 ASAF24
250/60-12 ASAF18
250/70-15 ASAF24
250/75-12 AS695
26.5x8.5- AS685
27x10.00-12 ASAF24
27x8.5-14 AS697
27x8.5-15 AS685
28/9-15 ASAF24
28x9.00-15 ASAF24
29/x 9-15 ASAF24
300-15 ASAF32
300/15-18 ASAF32
305/70-16.5 ASAF32
315/75-15 ASAF32
355/65-15 ASAF32
5.00-8 ASAF12
6.00-9 ASAF16
6.00/9-4 ASAF16
6.50-10 ASAF16
6.50/10-5 ASAF16
7.00-12 ASAF20
7.00-15 AS697
7.00/12-5 ASAF20
7.50-15 AS697
8.00-16.5 AS697
8.15-15 ASAF24
8.15/15-7 ASAF24
8.25-15 ASAF28
8.25/15-6.50 ASAF28
9-14.5 ASAF24

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If you need to use forklifts outside then AutoSock will be critical to keeping your operation up and running in snowy weather. It really is this simple!

How they can benefit your forklift fleet:

  • Fitting them is easy, before or after a vehicle gets stuck
  • Fitting them requires no practice and no special training
  • They are made by AutoSock AS, a Norwegian company who invented and developed the vehicle snow sock concept. AutoSock AS owns the relevant patents
  • They're reusable until they become too worn – we will provide guidance on this
  • They are TÜV approved and have full product liability insurance
  • They always work!