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AutoSock Car Snow Socks

AutoSock snow socks are the quick and easy solution for driving on icy and snowy roads in winter. Their ingenious design allows you to easily fit them to your car's driving wheels in just a couple of minutes and get your vehicle moving again.

Although developed in Norway, they're particularly appropriate for the UK, where we experience sudden and sporadic snow fall, usually short lasting, but so often the cause of massive disruption and inconvenience while it lasts.

They’re sold in pairs with sizes for almost all tyres, from cars to trucks – they’re used by many of the UK’s emergency service vehicles. Just pull them over the driving wheels whenever you need extra grip, before or after you’ve started skidding.

AutoSock are reusable tyre snow socks which you pull over the driving wheels of vehicles that need extra grip on ice or snow. There are sizes to fit almost all car, van, truck, bus and fork lift tyre sizes. They’re quick and easy to fit and remove - no special training is required - and they fold up for easy storage, in their waterproof bag, to about the size of a shirt.

AutoSock snow socks will take much of the worry out of winter driving, getting you down to the salted roads, helping you up and down hills, getting you moving if you start to skid – they even work really well in slush – and getting you home. Maybe hard to believe, but true

Astonishingly well! They are more effective (short term only) than winter tyres (and a lot cheaper) and are also more effective than snow chains in many situations, especially on ice. Don't just take our word for it – they’ve been tested and formally approved by Bentley, BMW, Chrysler, Citroen, DAF, Dodge, Fiat, Genesis, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep, Linde, Kia, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Nio, Nissan, Peugeot, Seat, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo.

We supply AutoSock to the emergency services in the UK and Ireland – fire, police and ambulance.

AutoSock are also approved for use in most European countries, and in Canada and the USA, as an alternative to snowchains.

It's to do with friction, specifically dry friction. Dry snow and ice sticks to fabric, especially woolly fabric as anyone who has snowballed in woolly mitts will remember. AutoSock are made from a hairy fabric which sticks to the snow or ice; the fibres are arranged at right angles to the direction of travel to optimise grip. Very importantly, AutoSock's specially developed textile also absorbs and ‘wicks away’ any water that's found between the ground and the tyre, (generated e.g. by the warmth of the sun, or by wheel spin), thereby maximising the dry friction grip.

Easy to fit

Fitting AutoSock

AutoSock are so simple to fit that they require no practise and only take a couple of minutes to install - even with freezing fingers!

AutoSock are suitable for vehicles with limited clearance and also improve electronic safety systems like ABS. They won't damage your alloys either (unlike some snow chains).

Testing & Approvals

AutoSock Safety Testing

AutoSock are the 'original & best'. There are many cheap fakes on the market that haven’t been safety tested like AutoSock and do not perform to the same high standards as the genuine article.

From its beginning, the AutoSock product has been developed in close collaboration with car manufacturers and the german TÜV Süd. Since 2001, AutoSock has been certified by TÜV Süd as a "winter emergency driving aid".

In 2008, AutoSock passed the requirements of the new ÖNorm V5121 and are approved as a snow chain equivalent. During the same year, the AutoSock for Truck product range gained approval as a traction device by the CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) / USA.

As well as the car manufacturer endorsements, AutoSock meets the requirements of the European snow chain standard EN16662-1:2020, and may be used on vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes GVW in the EU (except Austria), and in Switzerland, where there is a requirement for snow chains to be carried.

Austria told the market in June 2022 that it does not accept the new standard EN16662-1:2020, in place from 1st December 2020, so AutoSock are not approved in Austria where it is mandatory to carry snow chains, and to use them if the conditions require it. We hope that this anomaly will be resolved soon.

A genuine snow chain alternative

Certified for use in Europe

AutoSock is the first product worldwide to be certified according to the European standard EN16662-1. Following EU procedures, the standard has been implemented as national standard in all EU member states (except Austria), as well as in Norway, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

AutoSock for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles below 3,5t gross weight can now be used whenever snow chains are mandatory in any country of the EU (except Austria).

United Kingdom
Permitted Usage Map

In France where the B26 sign is shown you are required to carry snow chains and use them if conditions justify them. AutoSock are the only snow socks that comply with this regulation.

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With over 20 different sizes, there's an AutoSock to fit nearly every tyre size.

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