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AutoSock for Trucks & Buses

AutoSock for Trucks and Buses are textile 'socks' which can be fitted in 2 minutes flat.

They use friction and high tech fibres to give truck tyres the grip they need to make progress on ice and snow.

AutoSock for Trucks are supplied in pairs, are reusable time and again and, being
approximately the size of a folded shirt, are easy to store in the cab all year round for use when required. There's only one possible way to fit them, so no practice is needed. Fit them to the
outer driving wheels - they'll self-centre on the tyres as you drive off.

Testing & Approvals

AutoSock Safety Testing

AutoSock are the 'original & best'. There are many cheap fakes on the market that haven’t been safety tested like AutoSock and do not perform to the same high standards as the genuine article.

The development of the product AutoSock has been connected with a close cooperation the german TÜV Süd; AutoSock is certified by TÜV Süd PPP 53283:2006 for trucks. AutoSock is also certified according to the Austrian Standard ÖNORM V5121.

In 2008 the AutoSock for Truck product range was approved as a traction device by the CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) / USA.


Fleet Enquiries

AutoSock will keep your fleet moving safely in snowy weather

AutoSock are ideal for fleet users who need to maintain their service levels in winter weather, but may not have invested in winter tyres. Many of our customers need them for moving safely around their depots, and for getting down to the salted main roads

How they can benefit your fleet:

  • Fitting them is easy, before or after a vehicle gets stuck
  • Fitting them requires no practice and no special training
  • They weigh less than 1kg and, being about the size of a folder shirt, take up minimal space in the cab
  • They're reusable until they become too worn - we will provide guidance on this. They can be used on tarmac for short periods (at slow speeds) until it’s safe to stop and remove them
  • They may be used with all electronic systems
  • They are TÜV approved and have full product liability insurance
  • They are made by AutoSock AS, a Norwegian company who invented and developed the vehicle snow sock concept, AutoSock AS owns the relevant patents
  • They always work!
Easy to fit

Fitting AutoSock ON Trucks