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Sorry, no AutoSock available For tyre size 305 - 75 / 16 Edit

Unfortunately, AutoSock is not yet available for your specific tyre size. However, our sister-site, The Roof Box Company, has a wide range of snow socks and snow chains available.


Why buy AutoSock

AutoSock are a very important "Get me home" product when driving on snow. Just pull a set over the driving wheels of your car if you are worried about the conditions, or after you have got stuck, and you'll be amazed at the difference they make. But you need a set in the car before you set out!

Although developed in Norway, they're particularly appropriate for the UK, where we experience sudden and sporadic snow fall, usually short lasting, but so often the cause of massive disruption and inconvenience while it lasts.

Autosock pack
Each set contains
  • One pair of AutoSock
  • One pair of disposable gloves
Great Value

A fraction of the price of winter tyres & reusable

Testing & Approvals

AutoSock Safety Testing

AutoSock are the 'original & best'. There are many cheap fakes on the market that haven’t been safety tested like AutoSock and do not perform to the same high standards as the genuine article.

From its beginning, the AutoSock product has been developed in close collaboration with car manufacturers and the german TÜV Süd. Since 2001, AutoSock has been certified by TÜV Süd as a "winter emergency driving aid".

In 2008, AutoSock passed the requirements of the new ÖNorm V5121 and are approved as a snow chain equivalent. During the same year, the AutoSock for Truck product range gained approval as a traction device by the CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) / USA.

As well as the car manufacturer endorsements, AutoSock meets the requirements of the European snow chain standard EN16662-1:2020, and may be used on vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes GVW in the EU (except Austria), and in Switzerland, where there is a requirement for snow chains to be carried.

Austria told the market in June 2022 that it does not accept the new standard EN16662-1:2020, in place from 1st December 2020, so AutoSock are not approved in Austria where it is mandatory to carry snow chains, and to use them if the conditions require it. We hope that this anomaly will be resolved soon.

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Easy to fit

Fitting AutoSock

AutoSock are so simple to fit that they require no practise and only take a couple of minutes to install - even with freezing fingers!

AutoSock are suitable for vehicles with limited clearance and also improve electronic safety systems like ABS. They won't damage your alloys either (unlike some snow chains).

Size Guide

AutoSock Size Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

AutoSock FAQs

Yes, with the exception of Austria; see below for more information.

AutoSock is the first snowsock product worldwide to have been tested and approved to the European standard EN16662-1:2020 for "supplementary grip devices" - this includes not only metal snow chains but also devices made from other materials. The standard covers passenger cars and light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight; we have no idea whether any other snowsocks have met this standard.

This standard has been implemented in all EU member states except for Austria, as well as in Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, and Turkey.


In France, the new “Mountain Law” (“Loi Montagne”) requires that winter equipment must be carried on special road sections in mountainous areas between November 1st and March 31st. AutoSock for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles fully complies with this new regulation and can legally be used instead of snow chains or winter tyres when entering any of these areas.

It's to do with friction, specifically dry friction. Dry snow and ice sticks to fabric, especially 'woolly' fabric as those of us who used to snowball in woolly mitts will remember. AutoSock are made from a hairy fabric which sticks to the snow. The fibres in AutoSock, which become hairier with use, are arranged at right angles to the direction of travel to optimise grip. Very importantly, AutoSock's specially developed 'GripTech' textile also absorbs and "wicks away" any water that's found between the ground and the tyre, (generated e.g. by the warmth of the sun, or by wheel spin), thereby maximising the dry friction grip. AutoSock work well in warmer slushy snow as well as cold, dry snow.

AutoSock's unique fabric was developed in Germany by KoSa and DuPont Textiles, both subsequently part of Koch Industries' INVISTA business, now the world's largest manufacturer of polyester products. AutoSock's fabric is still made in one of KoSa's EU mills.

Astonishingly well! They are more effective (short term only) than winter tyres (and a lot cheaper) and are also more effective than snow chains in many situations, especially on ice. Don't just take our word for it - they have been tested and formally approved by Bentley, BMW, Citroen, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Peugeot and Volkswagen, as well as by several European road transport research institutes and the German TÜV.

Please check the size finder at the top of every page. If you can't find your tyre size, double check you have noted it correctly, then as necessary e-mail BMW drivers should note that the rear wheels are often a different size to the front wheels, and that it's the rear (driving) wheels you need to check.

There are no rules about this. Some people use AutoSock because they are anxious about driving in snow, and want to be sure that their vehicle will stay on the road. Others need to use AutoSock to drive safely, especially driving down steep hills. Others fit them after they have got stuck. Others use them to drive uphill, maybe even just from the main road up to their house.

Use them on any sort of snow - even in soft, deep snow, or in wet snow. And use them on ice. Can AutoSock be used on tarmac? See Q6.

In summary, yes, and for safety reasons you will need to use them on tarmac - it is obvious that you should not and must not just stop in the middle of a road, just because you have moved off the snow and onto tarmac. The reality is that there are almost always stretches of intermittent tarmac / snow / tarmac / snow before the snow is behind you.

The TÜV test included 50 kilometres at 50 kph on dry tarmac. AutoSock passed this "Misuse test", but of course tarmac driving is not recommended as it increases fabric wear very considerably. It's also crucial that you do not drive faster on tarmac than you would on snow, a maximum 30mph, preferably slower than this.

What causes AutoSock to wear fastest of all is rough, potholed tarmac, or roads with tyre ruts / tramlines that have frozen solid. This compressed frozen snow or ice can be very sharp, and is often hidden under fresh snow.

If you do drive on tarmac, be very careful with your braking, so please adjust your speed accordingly. A large hole worn in one section only of an AutoSock is conclusive evidence of hard braking on tarmac.

Silent and smooth, as you'd expect. There's none of the loud rattling and bumpy ride associated with snow chains. Because there's no danger of damage to the vehicle structure they are approved for speeds up to 30mph / 50kph; this is faster than is recommended with snow chains, although your speed should of course be appropriate to the weather and road conditions.

It’s recommended that you fit them to all four wheels. If you only have one set, please refer to your user manual; some manufacturers recommend the rear wheels, some recommend the front wheels.

You don’t need them, but it obviously makes sense to fit AutoSock to the steering wheels as well as to the driving wheels, because the car will then travel in the direction you intend! Because the weight moves towards the front of the car under braking – brake gently on snow! – this is all the more important.

A reminder to BMW owners to check their rear wheel size.

The label / sticker on the AutoSock packaging only shows the most popular tyre sizes.

AutoSock are continually testing new tyre sizes and the packaging is only reprinted when needed, so there are often applications which are not on the label. Our online database is up to date.

You can check the size guide page to confirm which tyres are approved for the AutoSock size that you have.

We would recommend shaking the dirt from your AutoSock after use and leaving them to dry before you pack them away. You can machine wash them at 40°C, if required.

The performance of AutoSock will improve over time as the fabric gets fluffier.

Can't find the answer to your question?

If you have any questions not answered above, please don't hesitate to ask.

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